Investment Deduction

This deduction allows a Zone business to deduct the increase in assessed value from a “qualified investment” in real or personal property for up to 10 years.

“Qualified Investments” are those investments in a business location in the UEZ, including:

  • The purchase of a building;
  • The purchase of new manufacturing or production equipment;
  • Costs associated with the repair, rehabilitation, or modernization of an existing building and related improvements;
  • Onsite infrastructure improvements;
  • Construction of a new building;
  • Costs associated with retooling existing machinery.

For the purposes of the deduction, the increase in assessed value is determined beginning with the assessed value on the assessment date in the calendar year immediately preceding the year in which a qualified investment is made.

An example:

$100,000   AV on assessment date in 2009
+$ 10,000 New Construction or Equipment

$110,000   AV on assessment date in 2010
-$100,000 2009 AV

$ 10,000   Amount of Deduction on 2009 taxes   (payable 2011)

Allows the Taxpayer a Deduction of 100% of the increase in value as a result of the investment.

Taxpayers may take the Investment Deduction for up to 10 years.

Caveat:  According to IC 6-1.1-45-9, taxpayers located in:

The RRUEZ, or the JUEZ who are also located in a Tax increment Financing (TIF) District, must obtain approval of the Jeffersonville City Council in order to be entitled to the deduction.

Forms you’ll need:

Submit form EZ-2 to the Clark County Auditor between March 1st and May 15th Investment Deduction of the assessment year.

In the case of deductions for personal property (equipment), this form must be accompanied by Form 102 or 103.

File Form EZB-R with the IEDC and send a copy to the JUEA by June 1st of the year in which taxes are payable, accompanied respectively by:

IEDC Registration Fee (1% of total tax savings)

JUEA Contribution Rate (49% of total tax savings).

If you need an extension of time to file an EZB-R, you may file form EZB-E by June 1st.  If approved, you will have until July 15th to properly submit the EZB-R.











Application to take Investment Deduction 


County Auditor 


3/1-5/15 of the year in which the deduction is sought 


Form 102 or 103 


If deduction is for personal property 


County Auditor 


Same as above 




Enterprise Zone Registration 


IEDC, copy to JUEA (w/ 1% and 49% fees) 


6/1 of the year in which taxes are payable 




Extension of deadline to file EZB-R (until 7/15) 




Same as above 


Q: What if I do not know what my tax savings is by June 1st or July 15th?

A: If the business does not know their tax savings by June 1, they should file an extension  (EZB-E) by June 1, which will enable them to file the EZB-R form by July 15.  If the business still will not know the tax savings by July 15, an EZB-R form is still due by July15; however, the form will be incomplete.  As soon as the tax savings amount is know, the business must submit a complete EZB-R form (and if applicable) send a check for 1 % of the tax savings to the IEDC [and a check for 49% of the tax savings to the JUEA].