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EZ-2 – Investment Deduction (No. 52501)

  • For use in claiming personal property deduction for property in an Enterprise Zone.

Form 102, 103 & 104 (Investment Deduction for Personal Property)

  • Form 102 – (No. 50006) Farmer’s Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return: Must be filed with Form 104.
  • Form 103 – (No. 11274 or 11405) Business Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return: Must be filed with Form 104.
  • Form 104 – (No. 10068) Business Tangible Personal Property Return: Must be filed with Form 102 or 103.

Schedule IT-40QEC – Qualified Employee Deduction (No. 21928)

  • For use in claiming deductions on Indiana State Income Tax return for individuals who live and work in the zone.

Schedule LIC – Loan Interest Credit (No. 21926)

  • Financial institutions that make loans to businesses or residents in the Zone may be eligible for a credit on tax paid on interest income earned from these loans.

Schedule EZ – Employment Expense Credit (No. 49178)

EZ 1,2,3

  • This tax credit is earned by businesses that employ qualified employees who are Zone residents.

EZB-R – Enterprise Zone Business Registration & EZB-E – Extension of Time to File EZB-R

EZlogosquareBeginning in 2017, FY 2016 EZB-Rs and EZB-Es must be submitted electronically at

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To claim Investment Cost Credit, Investors must check with IEDC before purchasing an interest in a Zone business.

Link to statutory authority (IC 6-3.1-10-8):


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